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Home Decor Hand Ölgemälde 5 Panels Leinwanddruck Abstrakte Wandkunst

Home Decor Hand Ölgemälde 5 Panels Leinwanddruck Abstrakte Wandkunst

Home Decor Hand Ölgemälde 5 Panels Leinwanddruck Abstrakte Wand Kunst Mehr Betreff: Mehr Kategorie-FAQ: Qualität: Wir ge;
SpezifikationLeinwand-Kunstdrucke können in jeder Größe sein
Home Decor Hand Ölgemälde 5 Panels Leinwanddruck Abstrakte Wand Fine Art
KunstwerkLeinwanddrucke / Ölgemälde auf Leinwand / Diamantmalerei / gerahmte Kunst
Beliebte Größe1 Panel: 12*12 Zoll 16*20 Zoll 20*24 Zoll 24*36 Zoll 36*36 Zoll 36*48 Zoll 48*60 Zoll oder jede beliebige Kundengröße3 Panel: 12*20 Zoll*3 Stück 16*24 Zoll*3 Stück 20*28 Zoll*3 Stück oder jede beliebige Kundengröße5 Panel : 8*14 Zoll*2 Stück 8*18 Zoll*2 Stück 8*22 Zoll*1 Stück 12*20 Zoll*2 Stück 12*28 Zoll*2 Stück 12*32 Zoll*1 Stück 16*24 Zoll*2 Stück 16*32 Zoll*2 Stück 16*40 Zoll*1 Stück
MaterialUmweltfreundliches Polyester- oder Baumwoll-Canvas
MindestbestellmengeJeweils 10 Stück
OEMJede Kundengröße, jedes Bild und jedes Paket usw
Vorlaufzeit5 Tage für Mengen unter 100 Stück, 25 Tage für Containerbestellungen
Zahlungsbedingung30 % Anzahlung und der Restbetrag auf die Kopie von BOL (T/T, Western Union, Money Gram oder Paypal usw.)
AusrüstungRoland, Epson-Drucker

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Quality: We never do casual quality Guarantee because we alway think there are improvements to be made , we have 4 online quality inspectors and we encourage our production orperators to check and report any problems and they shall be rewarded for this . we have a inspection process for all material before mass production and this reduced the chance of casting out flawed product in a great way.Custom made Canvas Art: we are very well equipped in regard of stuff/workers or machines/ raw materials for the purpose of customer providing their own image or photograph for personal use , we know that this will demand a much high criterion and much faster delivery so we had a team designated for this job.Communication: we are very well aware with the fact that communication is key in any business, whether its report on quality problem , or discussion on production feasibility , or even a forecast on product/business trend . we are able to take advantage of all sorts of tools available to customers for a reliable and comfortable order experience. Copy Right/Property: We believe that any business that doesn't respect copyright/property wont last long and doom to fail. Except from signing a confidential agreement with customer ,we also signing the same thing with our workers/stuff which already well know for the legal liability for breaking the copyright contract. We offers permanent confidential agreement regardless of whether we still working with customer or not.MOQ: We are able to be flexible on quantity that customer expected to order, we offer different price range depending on quantity required.Payment Terms: T/T and westernuion, moneygram ,Paypal, 30% as a deposit and 70% balance against BOL. Lead time Production: we are capable of complete and deliver 5 HQ containers of canvas art in 3 weeks time . and we are able to deliver 200 units per day for any custom made canvas art . we are able to complete and deliver 20 hand oil paintings in 2 weeks time .
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